Art and culture of Kishanganj is represented by its diverse culture and religious harmony. The inhabitants here are mostly Muslims followed by people belonging to different Hindu communities, Christians, Sikhs and other few lesser known religions. Inspite of the difference in heredity and culture, social customs and religious beliefs the residents unite in tradition and lifestyles of this region to coexist peacefully in secular harmony. Different types of economic structures and coexistence of masses speaking different languages are one of their meritorious qualities.

Languages and Festivals

The local languages of this area is - Surajpuri, Nepali, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Hindi, Urdu. People celebrate festival like Dussehra and Eid with total gaiety. Diwali, Holi and small time festivals of Chatth are also celebrated with the equal zeal. People of various cultures and faiths living together bring unique cultural consolidation in this district.

Art and work

Local Surjapuri folk songs and dances are captivating during special occasions in this region. Beautiful products like handicraft items prepared from jute and recycled papers are very beautiful, products prepared from bamboo for e.g., lovely decorative baskets, trays etc. and many other household items showcases the creative approach of many tribes in Kishanganj.