Discover the best of kishanganj

Kishanganj Fort

Kishanganj Fort has its own cultural heritage and it is a famous historical destination of Kishanganj District. This nice fort was built by the erstwhile Nawab of Khagada, Mohammed Fakiruddin. The ruins fort is surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is situated at the time of Mughal period. Now, this historical fort is maintenance very well for the conservation of the golden history.

Nehru Shanti Park

Nehru Shanti Park is an amusement park, situated in Kishanganj District. This is the best place for relaxing, hanging out and family gathering. This park also popular as an ideal picnic spot.

Kadam Rasul Mazaar

So many beautiful and ancient religious places are situated in Kishanganj District, Kadam Rasul Mazaar is one of them. Grave of Kadam Rasul is the prime attraction of this site. There is a beautiful market present named after the Muslim saint Kadam Rasul market. There are so many beautiful mosques surrounding this village.

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Ruins of Churli Estate

Ruins of Churli Estate is one of the famous attraction for every history lovers. It is situated on the outskirts of border block of Kishanganj and Thakurganj. So many parts are destroyed of Churli Estate but now, it is maintained by the government and it is popular as a research place.

Birds at Kachuudah Lake

Kachuudah Lake is a wonderful spot in Kishanganj. It is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from the district headquarters of Kishanganj city. Kachuudah Lake is also popular for various types of birds. This site is known as the temporary habitat for many migratory birds. Every year huge numbers of migratory birds from different countries and coastal areas visit in this beautiful lake.